Monday, July 31, 2017

Guest Post - A Poem by 11 year old Jennah Guarna - Rain Drops Quietly Drop to the Ground

Making no sound, 
I could spend hours gazing upon them, 
Before they would be lapped up from the sun, 
Too bad those droplets tend to disappear, 
I know it happens every year, 
But when we are as sad as the rain clouds, 
We fill up with tears that act like crowds, 
And so we have rain drops of our own, 
We could be so alone, 
That one cloud was too full to stop 
And that could be when we hear that rain start to drop 
So, They dance to the beat of my empty heart, 
And that is when I tend to fall apart, 
Oh I would sit and watch for the sun, 
I've kept count, and I've seen none, 
Until one day you stepped into my life, 
And that is when the sun came twice, 
And those raindrops stopped quick, 
I'm pretty sure it was magic, 
You made me become the person I am today, 
My skies used to be all grey, 
But you've made them a bright blue, 
And I would never undo, 
Anything we've been through, 
Because I hate the thought of losing you, 
Thank you for never leaving me, 
Even though my feelings were a great big sea, 
You made my heart sing, 
And I could never thank you enough for taking me under your wing. 

 ~Jennah Guarna

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