Monday, June 13, 2016


This is the first poem I've written in a very long time. 

I followed along on this path I'd never taken, 
hoping it would make me new.

When the pain on the inside became far too dark,
I could no longer hold true.

Now, I fight to find the light and I struggle as I 
hold tight to you.

I've lost all that I had become, 
and all that I knew.

It hurts with a pain I've never
carried as I'm searching for the truth

I stumbled, I fell
I feel I'll never steady my view

I've lapsed into the loudest silence,
I stagger my way through

Tomorrow I say, tomorrow it will be.
I need so much to believe.
I have to find what I've lost

If it's the only thing I ever do.

I've decided to create a blog just for my poetry. If you would like to read more, head over to:

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